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Live Stream of “A Decade of SIM”

April 27, 2012

Feb Tour 2011: Day 4 – Feeling Meta

February 5, 2011

Day 4: After spending what feels like 14 months on tour, we’ve decided to be a bit more creative with our blog post for today. Instead of a regular post, we will be treating you to a special series of  haikus about our latest adventures…

1. At Eagle Hill School,

we sang to our hearts’ content,

bringing joy to all.

2. We then ate at a

diner, then off to New York:

Jacob’s apartment.

3. After frolicking

through subways and sky scrapers,

we then fell asleep.

4. A day of singing,

adventure and brotherhood

shall soon begin, YAY!

-Love, SIM

Feb Tour 2011: Day 3 – Will Play Laser Tag 4 Geckos

February 4, 2011

Day 3: How time flies when you are asleep! The gentlemen of SIM attacked the day of rest and rehabilitation with a renewed vigor only to be found with the help of an average wakeup time of 10:49 AM.  Thus, the morning was abbreviated, and we had only to wait until 5 PM for the arrival of our esteemed recent graduate, Andrew Ostroff.  The time passed quickly; we watched movies and read books, and ironed out logistical details so thrilling, you could fill a spreadsheet with them.

Upon Andrew’s arrival (or should it be Mr. Ostroff at this point?), SIM decided it was high time to go do something awesome, fascinating, or memorable.  That thing was Laser Tag.  Throwing off the shackles of inertia, we made the trip to Sportime USA, whereupon we discovered the joys of an arcade.  Soon, John’s long lost Dance Dance Revolution skills had surfaced, Mori’s ski ball talents were made known, and Alec’s impeccable aim with a laser rifle had become common knowledge.  All in all, SIM amassed a grand total of 2800 tickets, with which we bartered for a lovely stuffed Gecko, allowing us to leave the arcade with a sense of pride and time well spent.

Our return saw us begin to plan for the next day’s activities over delicious brownies provided by Mama Adler.  The regulars returned to the board games while others grabbed a deck of cards.  Somewhere in the midst of all the action, an entire barrel of pretzel sticks was consumed.  We serenaded our lovely hostess (a huge thank you to Mrs. Adler—she is incredible) and allowed the night to slowly dwindle, like the coals of a dying fire, or a sunset on the equator, or a lengthy simile that incorporates more than one image.

May the wind be ever at your back,

<3 SIM

Feb Tour 2011: Day 2 – Triple Word Score

February 3, 2011

Day 2: SIM awoke Wednesday morning to the smell of bacon and Greenwich, Connecticut (it smells like old houses and tradition), and quickly proceeded to mack on some breakfast sandwiches, in the parlance of our times.  The leftovers of a winter storm had glazed the trees (and the driveways) with a magnificent layer of ice, and SIM enjoyed a morning of Scrabble and social media, still giddy from our recent nomination of Jai Ho for the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA) Best Folk/World Song.  Reality soon snapped back, however, with the realization that the pretty ice storm required us to leave early to get to our gig at the Westminster School, a fact made exorbitantly clear by Eric and Lucas struggling to walk up the driveway.

Once en route, however, we made great time towards SIMsbury (holla), aided by well-plowed roads and the glorious driving skills of Stu, Jacob, and RJ.  We were greeted there with a lovely dinner amongst Westminster’s boarding students, which was dutifully repaid with a spontaneous performance of fan favorite, “Milkshake.” (Not yet sung on tour by Cody).

Afterward, SIM settled into concert mode.  We sang songs, had a lovely time, and nobody commented on the irony of an Englishman (Jack) singing Loch Lomond.  In other words, it was a great success.

A jovial post-gig drive returned the group to our lodgings, where we once again partook in Scrabble and social media.  However, our boredom with letters and technology soon became apparent, and a game of Adverbs (a game in which one person leaves the room, and returns to a group acting in the fashion of some adverb; the duty of he who exited is to guess the adverb) was proposed, prompting SIM to do what we do best: act ridiculously.  The game eventually devolved into an epic conversation, and that brings us to now—3 AM on Thursday morning.  Stay tuned.


SIM Feb Tour 2011: Road to the Big Apple

February 1, 2011

Hello SIM Friends, Fans, and Family!! We are excited to be starting up another awesome New England tour! We have been tearing up Connecticut and will be on to NYC by the end of the week. Keep checking in throughout the week for updates and fun news, as well as a special surprise!

Day 1: An early start greeted the SIMdudes still on Middlebury campus, as we drove through the encroaching blizzard. The going was slow and the snow was heavy, but we made it to our first performance at South Kent School right on time. Our light sleep and singing in the car warmed us up well for a solid performance of SIM tunes, old and new. RJ‘s fantastic SIMprov involved both snow and milk in barrels, much to the delight of the students. Our very own Cody Gohl debuted his solo rendition of Hold My Hand fantastically.

SIM was feeling chilly but positive as we headed to Taft School, at which we sang last year. We were eagerly awaited by the students, who hosted us at dinner as well (deliciousss). We warmed-up a few new songs for the day and prepared for our epic acapella showdown. The students cheered on a great show, with enthusiastic applause for Alec‘s awesome rap skills and the crooning vocals of Lucas, followed by Jacob‘s sweet jiving and jokes. We all agree that it was a fantastic way to start tour and thank the students of both schools for their energy and support!

We look forward to another gig tomorrow here in Connecticut! Until next time, this is SIM, signing off.


SIM Fall 2010: A Retrospective

December 27, 2010

Hey there SIM fans and friends!! Many greetings and good wishes from us to you for this holiday season! As the New Year approaches, we wanted to take a minute to reflect on our rockin’ semester and share some of our favorite memories with you!! Enjoy and comment below! Tell us what you thought of our shows and our music, and what you hope to see in the coming year! We love to hear from you and hope to perform for you soon!

– We started out the semester with our Freshman Jambo performance of fan-favorite: Sweetest Girl, kicking off our Fall 2010 of SIM with a bang! It was great to see so many new faces and excited fans and we had loads of fun wowing a whole new crowd! Class of 2014, hats off to you!

– SIM then auditioned it up and from the new MiddKids we found Lucas and Kwaku, both ready to join in the fun and add their own spices to the mix. We are glad to have them and look forward to their voices and personalities for many semesters to come!

– Our next venue and the first for the Freshman was a local Wedding event at the Waybury Inn. It was an amazing concert full of song, dance, and a great time for the bride and groom. We wish them the best and know that they enjoyed our performance as much as we did.

Parent’s Weekend Jam was our next big gig, taking place at Mead Chapel. Attended by the parents of many Middkids and SIM members in particular, the Jam was a fun time for all. RJ crooned to the sweet melody of “Sons and Daughters”, while Andrew and John rocked out to a wild rendition of “Working for the Weekend”. We brought great energy and the audience matched it! Thank you parents!!

– Next up, SIM Fall Tour 2010. What an amazing week of song, fun, and friends. We toured Boston this semester, making our way into the city to the Pine Street Inn and into the suburbs to the Temple Beth Shalom as well as local middle and elementary schools. We got time to sing on the streets of Cambridge, take in the local cuisine, and perform at the Berman home. It was a ton of fun and we give special thanks to everyone who cheered on our shows, hosted our events, and housed us for the break. For more posts on Fall Tour 2010, click here: Tour Category.

– Our next big gig was at the Greenwich Yacht Club, CT. We were hosted by the Off Sounders in their 4th Annual Concert and they rocked the house. We were joined by the Middlebury Mischords and a strong audience of acappella lovers. We had a great time and performed new SIM hits and classics alike. Thanks so much to the Off Sounders! It was a blast. For more on this gig, click here: Greenwich Yacht Club Gig.

– SIM’s final event of the Fall 2010 Semester was our SIM Final Concert: A Thanksgiving Dinner. With the holiday nearly upon us, we took the time to show our family spirit and have some wacky fun showing the SIM family in action. We debuted new songs such as “My Love” and “Zak and Sara” and the crowd in Abernathy had a great time! SIM stayed true to a tradition of entertaining performances with hilarious improv and zany outfits. It was a truly awesome final concert and our thanks goes to our great audience for their support. To see the full show and clips from shows past, click here: LiveStream Channel.

What a great semester for SIM it was! Thanks for your continued support, it really means so much to us. Have a great New Year and we’ll see you in 2011!!!



Greenwich Yacht Club Gig: Jammin’ with The Off Sounders (and the Mischords)

November 8, 2010

Last Friday evening, SIM arrived in Greenwich, CT at the Greenwich Yacht Club to perform in the 4th Annual Off Sounders Concert. We drove up in “super-spiffy” SIM dress code and checked out the performance space. The Club was gorgeous and had a fantastic view over the water and the setting sun. We met up with the Mischords, also performing at the event, and warmed up for our big show (though, much joyous singing in the cars on the way down had warmed us up quite a bit already). We then met the Off Sounders, a local all-male a cappella group of many ages and musical backgrounds. They were all jovial and very friendly men and we were excited to hear them perform. When they got on stage and started their set, we were blown away. They were comical, enthusiastic, had great voices, and even better vocal chemistry. They sang many “classic a cappella hits” and their style was thrilling and harmonious. The Mischords followed and gave a solid set of Mischords classics, including “September” and “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Intermission followed and SIM was extremely pumped for the upcoming set. After a few numbers by the Off Sounders (this time performing a few more contemporary and exciting pieces), SIM rushed on stage and did their “groove-thang”. It was a great performance, full of fantastic energy and classic SIM performance style. Our newest song, “Zak and Sara”, was debuted with Dan as our rockstar soloist. We were met with a huge round of applause after Ostroff slammed a rendition of “Working for the Weekend” for our final number, and, of course, we had to rock out an encore of “Tarzan Boy”, which was a smash hit! All in all, the Off Sounders rocked the house, the audience had a great time, and SIM enjoyed themselves very much at this very fun and very exciting gig. Thanks again to the men of Off Sounders, you are fantastic vocalists and performers!

For a information on the Off Sounders and our recent gig, check out the following link: _


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