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Greenwich Yacht Club Gig: Jammin’ with The Off Sounders (and the Mischords)

November 8, 2010

Last Friday evening, SIM arrived in Greenwich, CT at the Greenwich Yacht Club to perform in the 4th Annual Off Sounders Concert. We drove up in “super-spiffy” SIM dress code and checked out the performance space. The Club was gorgeous and had a fantastic view over the water and the setting sun. We met up with the Mischords, also performing at the event, and warmed up for our big show (though, much joyous singing in the cars on the way down had warmed us up quite a bit already). We then met the Off Sounders, a local all-male a cappella group of many ages and musical backgrounds. They were all jovial and very friendly men and we were excited to hear them perform. When they got on stage and started their set, we were blown away. They were comical, enthusiastic, had great voices, and even better vocal chemistry. They sang many “classic a cappella hits” and their style was thrilling and harmonious. The Mischords followed and gave a solid set of Mischords classics, including “September” and “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Intermission followed and SIM was extremely pumped for the upcoming set. After a few numbers by the Off Sounders (this time performing a few more contemporary and exciting pieces), SIM rushed on stage and did their “groove-thang”. It was a great performance, full of fantastic energy and classic SIM performance style. Our newest song, “Zak and Sara”, was debuted with Dan as our rockstar soloist. We were met with a huge round of applause after Ostroff slammed a rendition of “Working for the Weekend” for our final number, and, of course, we had to rock out an encore of “Tarzan Boy”, which was a smash hit! All in all, the Off Sounders rocked the house, the audience had a great time, and SIM enjoyed themselves very much at this very fun and very exciting gig. Thanks again to the men of Off Sounders, you are fantastic vocalists and performers!

For a information on the Off Sounders and our recent gig, check out the following link: _

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