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Boston Fall Tour: Day 2 – Bring me the monster!

October 17, 2010

Day 2: Hello hello SIM fans everywhere! We’ve just finished up a second exciting and, dare we say, successful day of SIMtour 2010. The day began humbly enough, with various SIM members stumbling bleary-eyed out of their respective abodes.  SIM spent the morning spread across the nooks and crannies of Boston-town, reuniting with old friends, exploring the territory and getting numerous haircuts (“Wait, you got a haircut too oh hey!” circa 5PM). Facts discovered: Harvard vending machines give away free Swedish fish (Middlebury, take note), and no new story lines have been invented since Shakespeare. Thank you Vinnie the hair stylist, for speaking the truth no one else could face.

SIM recollected like dew at approximately 5:00, to prepare for the imminent friends-and-family concert (and sing “doo-doo-doo”, haha). Many thanks again to the Berman family, who are now seasoned and beloved veterans of hosting SIM and our concerts. A hefty duty, hosting upwards of 16 hungry, vocalizing, Ninja-playing college kids. But the Bermans have been beyond kind with their hospitality. SIM practiced, prepared, and had a lovely time meeting all who showed up for the concert. Joined once again by SIM alum and current male model Ian Sanders-Fleming, SIM rocked through an exciting set, combining classics and new songs into one seamless whole. Highlights included another triumphant return to Three Dog Night’s “Joy to the World” by Ian, and an energetic, confetti-filled performance of Mute Math’s “Peculiar People” by Noah. Noah’s avant-garde MC-ing of the concert brought much amusement to the crowd, with his distinctly Noah “pause, process, then laugh hysterically” brand of humor.

Afterwards, SIM reunited with its old love: Ninja! Dan Lee revealed himself to be a secret Ninja master, while Cody’s comfortable, totally not awkward demeanor put everyone at ease. Lucas hit the floor whether it helped or not, and SIM provided epic background music to each game. Much merriment all around. A few casual games of Mario Kart wrapped up the night; tomorrow, SIM hits Boston as a group to sing at the Pine Street Inn and around the Town. Till tomorrow!

-SIM (via John)

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  1. Eric permalink
    October 17, 2010 11:48 am

    And Eric rocked bass lines from afar, bound to the sidelines of a distant soccer field somewhere in the midst of that megatropolis they call the eastern seaboard.

    I miss all of you very much, and hope you are having an excellent time on the tour. Dan Lee and Lucas, don’t fight too much.

    Much Love,

    Eric “The Fox” Wilson

    • stuckinthemiddlevt permalink*
      October 17, 2010 6:56 pm

      We miss you too Eric! Our manliness is just not on the same level as it could be. Rock out that soccer and we’ll see you soon!


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